Graduation Thoughts

Reflecting on graduation of our August 2018 class. It is a great pleasure to see our students come together at the end of our program for one final day together. Once graduation concludes. We meet families, friends and begin to know our students as colleagues, as fellow massage practitioners. It truly is a wonderful occasion.

At all graduations, a popular topic of conversation is, what are former students going to do with their “free-time” now that they are out of school. Another is what are we, the staff and faculty going to do now that we have a ‘month-off’. Most people assume we take a break. Wrong, we and the school staff begin working through a list of priorities to prepare for our next incoming class. We almost never get through our entire wish-list, it is one of our busiest times of the year (The other is when our February Class graduates).

Graduates, I urge you to not take too much time off. Develop a list of priorities to work through while you are waiting for the state to process your paperwork. Take your exams as soon as possible, if you still owe work get it turned-in. Begin developing your online marketing presence, your website, your resume, etc. This way, you are ready to go once you are licensed. So often we see grads take time off or wait to take their test and before they know it, 6-months pass and still, no license. Students that only owe a couple assignments or internship hours linger instead of getting their work in. Time passes too quickly to let these things sit. 

Most of all, welcome to our profession and keep in touch with us!