Tuition: $13,000

Our 722 hour program tuition cost is $18.00 per hour

Enrollment Process:

The enrollment process is as follows:

  • School tour & interview with a school director.

  • Submit application & fully refundable $100.00 application fee.

  • Acceptance to our program.

  • Enrollment appointment.

    • Sign enrollment agrrement.

    • Review financial arrangements.

  • First day of school!

Alexandar does not require adhearence to any enrollment or financial agreements until after the first day of school attandance. Any deposits or payments made are fully refunded if you choose to cancel your agreements for any reason.


Alexandar is G.I. Bill®, Vocational Rehabilitation, & MYCAA approved. Also, there are some tuition aid programs and in-house financing. Many of our students opt for our reasonably structured 3-year loan program. A school director will be happy to answer all of your financing questions in person